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​Ohio Synergy

Belief in the American Dream


Long gone are the traditional support methods and systems that empower us to look the other way, that some agency or family member would help the challenged.  Simply put the children would go without if we chose to turn a blind eye. There is an ever growing working class poor that in spite of their hard efforts they scarcely make enough to maintain housing, food, and medical care. They work so on paper they don’t qualify for assistance. 


The next time you eat a sandwich, please remember this is their predicament (pressed between give up or keep trying).

 They work in hope of the American Dream that things will get better over time and that raises and promotions will come to the faithful. That dream came together for us and that is why I support the fiber and the concept of it. We are proof that hard work does payoff.  As a Grandparent today I just want to be a road sign that reads keep trying we can get your children a coat after all someone navigated us through the Keep Trying curve. Join me in helping those who are trying to navigate to the American Dream. 

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