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Executive Director & Founder

Beverly Robinson




For the last 17 years, we have given thousands of brand-new coats to schools, organizations, places of worship, and children in need of a coat.


 Everyone deserves to be warm and protected from the winter elements.  Cold weather is something we all have faced before as children; either playing outside at recess or waiting on a school bus.  As we all know, it is uncomfortable and can cause illness, to say the least.  Maybe you knew someone growing up who had insufficient outerwear.  You may have seen someone who lives on your street, next door, at your child’s school who didn’t have protective outerwear. 


 It is there we face the moment of truth with ourselves once we visually see the problem.  Our heart goes out to the child, but internally we leave the visual image behind us as we race to our next appointment.  We don’t know how to assist what seems like such a complicated problem. 


 This is one of the reasons we only donate the coats to schools, organizations, special events, and places of worship.  We network through Community Partnerships Statewide.



 "All Children Deserve Warmth"

When a child is born the Doctor does not announce to the parent’s you have a democrat or republican. The Doctor announces you have a boy or girl. Coats 4 Children partners with every-one who agrees that "All Ohio Children deserve warmth". We complement each other by our diversity. Our communities are strongest when we unite to resolve a voiceless child’s need.



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